A decentralized network for
impact economy

Poi is the common language of the positive impact that builds a bridge driving traditional economic actors to a new kind of economy more local and resilient.

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Opening out impact economy

With its unique protocol, Proof of Impact, Poi certifies and values positive behaviors like responsible consumption.
Thus each individual or organization can measure its impact and be rewarded with POI, the first impact cryptocurrency.
With this operating mode, Poi wants to enable as many actors as possible to track, understand and stimulate their daily impact.

Help all type of organizations to foster positive behaviors

Potential use cases

A currency for a resilient city

The City of Bordeaux wants to revitalize its downtown shops and make it a craddle for positive initiatives. For this, it will use Poi to create a currency that allows the citizens of Bordeaux to reference the eco-responsible merchants, validate their commitments, be rewarded for their consumption and mobility choices and vote for positive local initiatives. After a few months of use, the Bordeaux City Council will get a mapping of eco-responsible consumption and a view of the initiatives priorities for its inhabitants. It will then have all the information to define a plan of action to improve the quality of life and foster its economic development.

A CSR accelerator for companies

Danone wants to act on the behavior of its employees (energy consumption, solidarity, local exchanges) as part of its CSR. The company then asks Poi to launch a reward program that rewards the positive impact of the actions of its employees. Danone chooses the reward criteria and the different apps that trigger the behaviors they want to develop. Via Poi, Danone provides its teams with a collaborative platform for impact innovation that enables them to propose initiatives with social or societal benefits. Thus, Danone has a reliable measure of the positive externalities of its employees that it can value in its CSR program while involving its employees in the development of the company.

A local solidarity enhancer

CDC habitat must rehabilitate one of its buildings and decide to integrate the inclusive (neighbourhood interactions) and positive (local footprint) dimensions.To fulfill its objectives the landlord meets with the corporate leaseholders and offers them to create a building token via Poi that rewards the efforts in terms of skill sharing, energy consumption and interactions with local eco-responsible merchants. The leaseholders and the landlord then have access to an accurate mapping of positive cash flows (generation & circulation) materializing the overall impact of the building.

Impact tracking for digital payment solutions

Thanks to Poi, Revolut accesses the data of the labels acquired by the certified merchants of the network, allowing it to communicate to its customers the global impact of their consumption and to encourage them to do better like a nudge. Revolut can also stimulate the impact of each transaction by creating a cashback program or by contributing to those already present (community, retailer, etc.). Finally, Revolut can become one of Poi App's preferred payment players and be pushed to every ecosystem launch.

Positive applications store

Yoyo is a platform that stimulates individual recycling actions. Poi integrates Yoyo as an impact solution within its store. Each community can activate Yoyo via the recycling criteria and stimulate the use of the app via their reward program. Following the purchase of POI tokens, Yoyo generates yoyocoins that reward users. These tokens can then be spent anywhere in the local economy, a much more incitative reward than the currently proposed retail discount model.

Stimulate local impact

The Eusko, the local currency of the Basque region one of the first to be digitized. It allows it to use Poi to create a reward program via a convertible token in Eusko. This token will add the eco-responsible and solidarity dimensions to the local dimension of their currency. Thus, users of Eusko will have a reliable index of their territorial impact, creating a real resilience in their region. Through Poi the Eusko community will also be able to identify the necessary developmental axis via the voting platform for positive initiatives.

Positive loyalty program

Carrefour wants to encourage consumers to choose organic and responsible products and reinforce locally the positive image of Carrefour Markets. They create a program that combines loyalty and reward around their organic and controversial substances free ranges thanks to the Poi platform. Using its protocol and in partnership with Open Food Facts, Poi certifies their commitments and helps them to measure the real impact of these products. Moreover, at each checkout, the user receives a direct feedback that indicates the impact of his purchases and his reward level.

A database for research firms

Utopies, a research firm specializing in social and environmental issues, needs to retrieve qualified field data. By becoming "ethic provider" of the Poi network, Utopies has free access to the impact data generated by the criteria they guarantee in the protocol. Utopies can also access data from other criteria by purchasing POI tokens. Poi thus becomes for Utopies a search and aggregation engine of reliable data based on real actions of the users.

Key principles

Access and
transparency of the information

Both to guide the population towards virtuous initiatives that deserve to be known, but also to bring clarity to impact economy where it becomes easy to get lost in this growing number of applications.

Impact measurement

In order to provide the greatest number of didactic feedbacks on the impact of our daily actions. An exhaustive view necessary, not to trace, but to emancipate by bringing autonomy and mastery, intrinsic very powerful motivators.

Value distribution

Because in a world where 8 men own as much as half of the world's population, it is necessary to invent a more fair and collaborative model, a model that recognizes and values the contributions of each and redistributes the value created accordingly.

Decentralized governance

It is not only a question of rewarding, but of implying, of bringing a finality, a common project, by giving the floor to each person in order to create a living structure with evolutionary rules, reflections of all its contributors.

Stakeholders in the POI Network

network actors

Network Actors

network tools

Network tools

The Whitepaper
is coming soon!

The first mobile payment application that rewards positive behaviors.

Poi Pay is the first Dapp of the POI network. It is a mobile payment application that revitalizes local economies. It makes it possible to locate and pay in community currency the eco-responsible merchants around you. These transactions are reflected in a local impact gauge that certifies and rewards the quality of each user's consumption. Poi-pay also allows its users to vote for the local initiative they want to see funded.


Our token sale is coming up soon!

We are adopting a progressive decentralization strategy by validating our various solutions one by one, with the help of field tests and partnerships with blockchain, impact economy and community players. This groundwork serves to ensure that the network and the token are able to fulfill their mission when released.


POI Pay launch

Impact Payment & Reward Mobile App.
Place: Bordeaux (Darwin). More places coming soon.

Partnership with CLN Network

Jan. 19

Place: London, Liverpool, Tel Aviv, Haifa (more info coming soon)

Decentralized governance and cross-ecosystem features.

Fev. 19

Place: Cities and third places in France.

App store, 3rd parties and Proof of Impact criteria integration process.

Avr. 19

Inclusive real estate solution (ARP Astrance)
Place: Few campus in Paris, more info coming soon.

Aout. 19

Poi App Launch

Global impact measurement - connexion between protocol criteria and impact solutions. Integration of the Ethic Providers Place: everywhere

ICO & Decentralization of the network.

Oct. 19

Token sales and progressive release of the Poi decentralized tools

Become a Poi contributor

Help Poi by becoming a contributor. By sponsoring members, connecting with partners, relaying our content, you participate in growing the network and thus accelerate considerably its launch.

➔  With Poi, contribution is retribution!

For each action taken as an ambassador you will be rewarded in stakes that will be convertible in POI tokens during their emission scheduled for the end of 2019. So do not hesitate and be one of the first to join the movement!

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